Update ChatGpt Gerrit plugin to version 2.1.0


Amarula Solutions S.R.O updates the https://amarula.github.io/chatgpt-code-review-website/ to version 2.1.0

Major updates:

  • Introduced voting capability, allowing ChatGPT to assign a score to the Change Sets.
  • Implemented comment visibility filtering based on scores, with a default focus on displaying negative feedback, customizable to user preference.
  • Transitioned to treating Patch Set review comments as separate entities, moving away from compiling them into a single list.
  • Implemented a complete lifecycle for review comment resolution. Each comment starts from an unresolved state, with options for users to agree, discuss alternatives, or dispute ChatGPT’s suggestions, influencing the Change Set score.
  • Blocked the display of duplicate and conflicting comments.
  • Enabled processing of commands via comments. Command /review triggers full Change Set reviews and /review_last targets the latest Patch Set.

Behavior change:

  • Reviews of commit messages are now enabled by default.

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Excluded WIP Change Sets from automated review.
  • Fine-tuned the temperature settings differentiating between comment queries and Patch Set reviews.
  • Reduced the size of the message history data payload.
  • Fixed rendering issues of ChatGPT comments in the Gerrit UI.
  • Fixed various issues with detecting code snippets in ChatGPT responses.
  • Fixed review posting issue with out-of-bounds line numbers from ChatGPT.

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