Amarual A64-Relic

This tutorial will show the details of Amarula A64-Relic mainline support and other needed details

BSP Build

Manual Build

Image building need host to ready with all necessary tools ready, refer here for Host and Crosstool


git clone
cd arm-trusted-firmware
make PLAT=sun50iw1p1 bl31
export BL31=/path/to/arm-trusted-firmware/build/sun50iw1p1/release/bl31.bin


git clone git://
cd u-boot
make amarula_a64_relic_defconfig


git clone git://
cd linux-next
make mrproper
ARCH=arm64 make defconfig
ARCH=arm64 make -j 4 Image dtbs


It’s easy to build entire system using buildroot and mainline supported bananapi-m64 already. See read this readme.txt for more info.

git clone git://
cd buildroot
make amarula_a64_relic_defconfig


Since the target doesn’t support SD card, we need to boot the U-Boot from FEL and update the firmware images

FEL boot

Set FEL mode pins and power-on the board

git clone
cd bsp-a64-relic/prebuilt

Interrupt u-boot by pressing enter

Write eMMC

on target, create GPT partitions and trigger fastboot

=> mmc dev 1
=> gpt write mmc 1 $partitions
=> fastboot 0

on host, write images from host onto eMMC using fastboot

fastboot -i 0x1f3a flash loader1 sunxi-spl.bin
fastboot -i 0x1f3a flash loader2 u-boot.itb
fastboot -i 0x1f3a flash esp boot.vfat
fastboot -i 0x1f3a flash system rootfs.ext4


System will automatically detect wifi if buildroot images were used, once done follow below steps

# wpa_passphrase ACCESSPOINTNAME >> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
 (type password and enter)
# wpa_supplicant -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -B
# udhcpc -i wlan0
# ping

GUI Interface

For Display, Touchscreen, Camera, Sensor see below buildroot from respective github sources

git clone
cd buildroot-amarula
git checkout -b a64-relic origin/a64-relic
make amarula_a64_relic_updated_defconfig

follow flash instruction from board/amarula/a64-relic/readme.txt